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Foamrox har med sine produkter og materialsammensetninger et unikt utgangspunkt for å vesentlig kunne endre vår tilnærming til utrustning og innredning av tunneler

Stian Lystad, NCC

Har vært i «bransjen» i 30 år. Dette er et stort skritt i riktig retning.

Are Omdal, Scanmatic Elektro

About Us

Foamrox AS is a family owned product development company specializing in fire, water and frost protection. Foamrox can be made in various shapes and can be used in the rugged environment where there is need for isolated watertight solutions, which also has strict fire requirements. Our products can be customized according to customer requirements, the product is easy to handle and have a green footprint. Our job is to make entrepreneurs work safer and easier.


Featured product

Frame for emergency cabinets in tunnel

Used in the Tromsøysund tunnel for emergency cabinets.

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What makes Foamrox so unique?


Provides no energy or proliferation by fire. Fire classification B.


Does not absord any moisture and does not swell.


Corresponds to common building insulation.

Low weight

Approximately 20kg per 1m2 x 100mm insulation.

Dimentional stable

Is dimensionally stable because glass neither expands or shrinks.

High compressive strength

Has exceptionally high pressure resistance without deformation under permanent load.

Vermin Proof

Is inorganic, it cannot rot and is pest-proof.


The main component of the product consists of recycled glass.

Maintenance friendly

Easy to clean, smooth surface.

Easy handling

No need for core drilling, omission of equalization grounding.


Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding Foamrox or our products.

Rolf Jakobsen

Chief Executive Officer

M: +47 908 68 101

Glenn A. Jakobsen

Sales and Marketing Manager

M: +47 915 27 408

Kenneth Jakobsen

Development and Design Manager

M: +47 994 67 141

Terje Jakobsen

Production Manager

M: +47 916 98 236