Privacy Policy

This privacy statement describes how to collect and use personal information. Contact us if anything is unclear or you wonder what information we have about you.


1.1. Google Analytics
Visitor statistics on the website are collected through third-party cookies from Google Analytics. Google records your IP address to link activities together in one session, making it easier to understand usage patterns. The IP address is anonymised, so we do not have the opportunity to associate the activities with a specific person. We use these statistics to provide more interesting content on the website and to continually improve. We cannot trace the data to individuals. Read more about cookies at the bottom of this page.

Data erasure routine: Stored user and event data are deleted after 26 months.


Only webmasters at Foamrox have access to statistics data and personal information. We never sell the information to third parties. Subcontractors (programmers / web designers) who have access to the website and statistics data are bound to follow our privacy policy through a mutual data processing agreement. The subcontractors do not process personal data, but have access to these for technical / design assistance.


In order for our website to function optimally, we use cookies to analyze the general user pattern. This information is completely anonymous and is used for statistics and analysis of the website, as well as advertising.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit our website. These record the IP address and how long visitors are on the page, what they click on and which device they use, and give us an overview of how many visitors the site has. If you do not want to store cookies, you can follow the instructions here to turn them off in your browser: cookies.

Overview of the cookies we use on our website:

Allows Google Analytics to track the website. The cookie is removed after 10 min.

Allows Google Analytics to differentiate between different users. The cookie is removed after 24 hours.

Allows Google Analytics to differentiate between different users. The cookie is removed after 26 months.

Visitor ID data is used to identify the data during the user's last activity on the site. Removed after 1 year.

Visitor ID data used to verify that the submission from the site is genuine and protected from hacking. Remove after 1 hour.

Visitor ID data used to track the last five pages you visited on the site. Removed after finished session.

Registers when you visited the website last. This is only relevant to logged in users on the site. Removed after 1 year.