Foamrox fire barrier

Foamrox fire barriers weigh 17kg/m2 and can be installed in approx. 1 hour (height: 3.73, width: 1.2 m, thickness: 0.105 m).

Foamrox fire barriers have several advantageous aspects compared with current LWA block solutions. 


         -  A low weight compared with LWA blocks which makes the product easier to handle. The element is delivered in a single piece that weights 74 kg. The element can be lifted in place by three people and installed in approx. one hour. 


         -  Reduced carbon footprint. More environmentally friendly than traditional solutions due to reduced weight in logistics, transport and installation, and in the production of the key component which is cellular glass. 


         -  Provides no energy or dissemination in case of fire.


         -  Requires no core drilling. Adjustment of the material against a mountain wall is easily done using a reciprocating saw with no risk of hitting the reinforcement. 


         -  Potential equalisation is not needed, as the product does not contain reinforcement bars. Foamrox fire barriers can also be adapted to meet the customer’s needs with regard to size. 


A section weighs approx. 74kg and has the following dimensions: 

         -  Width: 1.20 m

         -  Height: 3.73 m 

         -  Thickness: 0.105 m